First generation experience and actualization, LGBTQ community breaking through family rejection and youth homelessness to create compassion, understanding, and unity, Productive ways to alter the culture of Cat Calling, inclusion of men in femininity, creating a powerful conversation for rape victims to share as a creation and not as survivors, removing self blame, freedom to talk about it, endometriosis and women's health, women stop saying sorry 

What that looks like:

$10-15 email course which becomes book chapters, Best selling book, podcast, online community generating and sharing, feature documentary or series on Netflix, speaking on panels, collaborating with / promoting nonprofits, workshops / events / getaways, work with HEFORSHE and happy hippy foundation, find other existing groups to partner with, reduce the rate of LGBTQ homelessness in the US, empower female leaders to have it all - love and successful business, cafe that sells art and donates proceeds, income properties