Your Coach


As a queer Jewish woman of Soviet decent, I am a walking miracle.

As an artist, I have no idea who I am and I have compassion for that.


My guiding tenets: being confident, creative, and being a contribution. As a first generation American, I'm present to the great privilege I've been afforded by my family. Thanks to their dedication and perseverance, I have the opportunity to sit in trendy cafés enjoying vegan brunch, creating the life of my dreams, and making a difference for others.​

My incredible wife supports and empowers the crap out of me. She reminds me to be there for myself as much as I am there for others. Her partnership ensures that I am more than taken care of (highly pampered, actually), so that I'm ready and able to contribute to all of you! She's my dreamboat and my miracle. She holds me to account, challenges me to raise the bar, and constantly reminds me of how powerful I am. We are creating a life of love, family, abundance, and adventure. What more could I ask for?

When I'm not coaching, I'm traveling the world with my wife, spending time with family and friends, or dancing. I assist at Salsa Fever on 2 Dance Academy (SFon2) in Jersey City, where I began taking lessons in 2014. I used to believe that I could only enjoy Latin dance from the sidelines. After trying my first class at SFon2, I discovered that, as Mario B often says, "anyone who can walk - can dance." After attending my first social, I fell in love with the idea that a dance is a conversation between too partners, where no words are needed, and no two conversations are the same. I was invited to become an assistant on staff in 2015. We have a great time supporting people as they learn this new language, strengthen their skills, and gain an outlet for fun and self expression.


I devote a significant amount of time to my continued development as a coach, and as a human being. Currently, I am a participant in the Team, Management, and Leadership Program (TMLP), at Landmark Worldwide. I am being trained in mastering communication and causing effective leadership. As a second year participant, I coach first years around the distinctions of the program, as well as participants in several of Landmark's Communication Courses throughout the year. In my first year of the TMLP, I was Head Coach for one of the Communication Courses, accountable for creating, training, and empowering the team of coaches for over 100 participants. Now, in my second year, I am coaching and causing the effective leadership of a first year who has taken on being Head Coach. 


Although my main focus is love coaching at the moment, I also cause breakthroughs for people in other areas of life. Click below to read about the difference I make in families, homes, careers and more.


I considered keeping this information private, with an open-door policy for questions. However, what I've come to realize is, if the door is open, might as well lay every on the table. When I was about ten years old my class was split into boys and girls for 4 of us would be raped or sexually assaulted by the time we were 18. In my second year of college, when I was 19, I went to a frat party and was raped. our sex education class. Girls were to be informed about menstruation, and other topics that don't concern boys. Once separated, we were informed that 1 in Fitting in, getting rape, having depression, being diagnosed with ADD, reading self-help, learning yoga and meditation, coming out, landmark, getting engaged, becoming a coach


I'm out to make a difference in several areas over the course of my lifetime.