“Michelle has been a great influence on my life and the way that I live in general. I am incredibly grateful for the impact that she has had on the way I see the world, and the possibilities that have opened up for me through her guidance. Michelle not only introduced me to a new way of thinking, but has also created the space for me to discover for myself what it is I am capable of.” -Mallory G.

“Michelle has a natural ability to make you feel comforted, all while asking you the right questions that will empower you to find the answers you seek on your own. She is full of light and love, and always willing to share that with those around her.” -Catherine G.
"Michelle isn’t the type of relationship coach that gives you rules to follow. She guides me to expressing who I am and what I want authentically. She’s reminded me of what it feels like to trust my gut again and once I started vibing with myself the right men just started showing up. I love you Michelle!" -Jean P.
“Michelle is a superb coach.  She supported me during a time of great transition in both my romantic life and career.  I had recently left a three year relationship and quickly fallen in love with someone new who I was so convinced was "the one” that I was avoiding important conversations about how our values align.  Michelle gave me the courage to have these conversations with my new boyfriend and it was easy!  I love how she asks the bold and deep questions that provide clarity and empower me to take action.  I highly recommend her!” -Laura N.
“Michelle always helps me find my own strength and confidence in every situation. I've been able to appreciate and love myself, have fearless communication with my boss, and build a lasting relationship with the love of my life. It doesn't get more powerful than that." -Jordan P.